Road Trip!

1931 Cord
1931 Cord

I went on a road trip Thursday. I had been thinking about taking one for a while now. I finally decided tat Thursday would be the day. But where should I go? Wednesday night I narrowed it down to four possibilities. I could go southeast to Bloomington, where I had spent my early college years. I could go northeast to Auburn, where I had lived and worked for almost a decade. I might go north to Rolling Prairie, my home town. My final option was southwest to Clinton, where my grandmother had lived, and where we often visited when I was a child. Each would be fine, and there would be many chances to take pictures.

When I woke up Thursday I narrowed my choice to either Auburn or Rolling Prairie. I didn’t make p my mind until I had filled th car with gas and had to decide whether to turn right or left onto the street. I chose right and headed for Auburn.

Before I left Lafayette I also decided to go as fa as I could on county roads, or at worst, two-lane state highways. That would cut down the traffic snarls and offer more opportunities for scenic pictures. It was a good decision. Many f the roads led through woods and farm land. Often I would be driving on an empty road with fields of tall corn on each side of the road. At one point I was cruising down just such a road with the windows down (who needs air conditioning?) listening to Andrea Bocelli belting out…well, something in Italian, followed by The Eagles performing Hotel California. Then I passed into a wooded area and heard The Kingston Trio singing The Escape of Old John Webb on the sound system. I felt like I was escaping as well. The drive was idyllic…except when, for a short time, I was downwind of a pig farm.

I was having no trouble finding my way to Auburn. Well, then I did get cocky and ended up bypassing the town entirely. My first clue was when I drove into a town and didn’t recognize where I was; and it seemed that the library was in the wrong part of town. Once I realized that I was in the wrong town, I backtracked and approached Auburn from the north.

There have been a lot of changes in Auburn, including some of the streets. It took me five minutes to find my old apartment. But once I located that house, I was oriented to find everything else. I had an urge to visit the Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg Automobile Museum. I took a number of photos at the museum, but nowhere near the entire collection that is on display. I’ve posted a number of the pictures in Flickr at I hope you like them.


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