Another bad picture
Another bad picture

This is another of the pictures I took when my camera settings were wrong. And again I played around with the picture in my photo editing software. I’m not sure why, bu this product appeals to me.


I haven’t spent much time in WordPress land recently. That’s due to a few different things. Chief among them is the fact that we bought a laptop a couple of weeks ago, I’m slowly transitioning from a desktop running on Windows XP to this laptop running on Windows 8.1. The learning curve has been slower than I would like. You know, old dogs…new tricks. Going to a laptop rather than getting a new desktop hinged on being able to take the laptop with us when we go on vacation. Portability had become a feature that I am embracing. But I still prefer a desktop with a standard keyboard. I am having trouble with the laptops keyboard. For whatever reason I seem to hit the vowel keys too lightly, and they end up missing in many of the words I type; so a lot of correction needs to be done. Also, I am inadvertently hitting something on the keyboard when I type, and complete phrases end up in the middle of the wrong sentence. Even more correction is needed. As a result, yesterday’s post was the first that I completely composed and posted from the laptop. All the other posts, since the purchase, including this one, had been started on one machine and finished on the other. Today I’m finishing on the desktop. Also keeping me from the blogosphere has been a few projects I’ve been doing around the house. For instance, I’ve been doing yard work when the weather permits. It is raining right now, so here I am working on a post. I also put together a new bookshelf and have been rearranging books. That may sound simple, but I have also been making sure that all of the books that I put in the new bookcase have been cataloged. That’s my update. I’ll be back posting when time permits, and when I feel better about using the laptop.

4 thoughts on “Updates

    1. Thank you. I used an old version of Jasc PaintShop Pro 8. I had the disc handy when I started loading software onto this laptop. Surprisingly, I have a newer version of the program from Corel on the older PC Eventually I’ll get the newest version since I’m used to that program.

      Arranging books seems to be a never ending project.

  1. I don’t think there’s something wrong with the picture, it’s completely fine and feels like Fall. Anyway, I can relate to the problems or let’s say the negative side of using a laptop compared to a standard keyboard. The keyboard gives you a more factual sense of writing, the sounds when you hit the keyboard keeps me focused, it’s very nice. That’s one reason actually I want to use a typewriter, it’d be a great experience. Nice post. 🙂

  2. It does look like fall in the picture, but it is summer and the leaves were green when I took the picture. Since then, I’ve gone back to the factory settings. I may go back and try to take the picture again.

    I was happy to move from a manual typewriter, to an electric typewriter, and then to a PC. Going to the laptop has been a bigger struggle, but I work at it a bit each day.

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