It’s a weekend of memories

Yes, Commando Cody
Yes, Commando Cody

I can’t seem to get way from memory triggers this weekend. I noticed it first Saturday morning. That makes sense because on most Saturdays, before Cindy wakes up, I’ll pop a in DVD of an old serial (currently Radar Men From the Moon) starring Commando Cody where I watched episode 5. Then I’ll watch an episode of Highlander. Yesterday I watched the final episode of Season 4. The memory inducing cue was seeing Commando Cody flying through the sky. It took me back to when I was a kid and watched his exploits on Saturday morning television. I’ve mentioned watching those serials before.

Aside: Also in that post I mentioned that I planned to go to the Fiddler’s Gathering this year. I didn’t. I forgot.

Anyway, for a while I was back in Rolling Prairie, sitting on the living room floor, watching Commando Cody fiddle with the UP and DOWN dial on his flying jacket, I was also marveling at the fact that Clayton Moore was in the role of a criminal who was out to get our hero. Yes…Clayton Moore…television’s Lone Ranger. He wasn’t wearing a white suit and a mask, but I would recognize his voice anywhere.

Let’s move on to another memory. Last night I was watching an episode of A Touch of Frost, a British mystery show (and yes, I know I watch too many DVDs),  wherein Frost has dinner with a woman who wants to get really romantic. She looks at Frost and sees that he has fallen asleep in her easy chair. And that reminded me of something that I hadn’t thought about in many years. Something very similar had happened to me when I was in the army. At that time I was stationed at Ft. Benjamin Harrison in Indianapolis. I had a weekend pass and two friends of mine drove up from IU to take me back to Bloomington. Unfortunately, I had pulled KP duty and had to finish in the mess hall kitchen before I could leave. So, I had been in training all day, pulled KP for the evening meal, and didn’t get off until around 10:30 that night.

My friends, being good friends, had bought along a six pack of beer to keep me occupied while they drove me south and regaled me with stories of what had been happening on campus. When we got to the duplex they were renting,we went in and started on the beer in their refrigerator. At some point one of them got on the telephone and made a call. In a few minutes a car pulled into their driveway and three young women strolled into the duplex. It turned out that my friends were dating two of those women, and the third had been brought along to meet me.

We started watching an old movie on television. My friends slipped away to their respective bedrooms with their respective girlfriends, leaving me with the third. She seemed in an amorous mood. The next thing I knew, it was morning and I was waking p on the couch…alone. It seems that between a long army day and night, and too much beer, I fell asleep before…well, before the movie got interesting. The third girl took their car and went back to the sorority house, virtue intact. I never saw her again

Their have been no memories today, but it is still morning.