A tree
A tree

If the colors seem off to you in this picture, you’re right. I had been experimenting with the settings on my camera the night before and forgot to return them to the normal settings. I realized there was a problem when I was taking this picture, and a couple of others, but thought that I could fix it up in Paint Shop Pro. I was wrong, but I played around with it enough that this picture is one that I decided to keep.


I had been listening to Bonnie Raitt’s Sweet Forgiveness album a few weeks ago, which led to the post back on June 26. I also started thinking about the album in broader terms as well, which fed into another a train of thought that I had been considering. Briefly stated, some music is for the moment and some music is timeless. For me, Bonnie Raitt’s music never ages. I can play any of her albums today, and they sound as fresh and new as they did when I first bought them. Her music never goes out of style.

Another artist who I like a lot is Nancy Wilson. I started listening to her when I was a freshman at IU; and while I still enjoy listening to her old albums, I can’t do it every day because they evoke nostalgia. Bonnie Raitt’s music never does.

Another example would be the music recorded by Dave Brubeck. It is timeless (get the joke?). No matter which version of Forty Days I listen to, for example, no matter who the personnel in the group might be, I have to stop to listen to the song because it is so compelling. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbdpQ2pPlD8

The Crusaders, another jazz group that I like, has recorded some fine music, but most of it seems dated and I have to be in the right mood to listen to it. Part of it is the composition, much of it is in the arrangement. Good music is enhanced by a good arrangement. And I think that truly great music defies all but the poorest arrangement.

Now I understand that music that I might consider timeless, such as Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, may not appeal to other people; just as I will never understand how some people can listen to disco music or synthpop on a daily basis, though I’m sure there are such people.

And now I’m not sure how to conclude this post, so I guess I’ll just link to another timeless piece of music…from my perspective. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yw7PJGGVziU