Tipping Point

Looking for crumbs on the restaurant patio
Looking for crumbs on the restaurant patio

This is one of many birds who were looking for crumbs on the restaurant’s patio. The others kept hiding from my phone camera by hopping behind table legs and chair legs. This one stayed in one place long enough for me to get a shot.


I realized a while back that in at least one way I’m becoming more like my father was the last few years of his life. He spent more time talking about what happened in the past than he had ever done when I was younger. Or, perhaps I was listening better those last few years, but I think not. I’ve noticed that many older people have fewer new things to say, and more memories to relate. It’s good that they want to tell us their memories, it’s a link to the past. But it is also sad that they feel the past is a more interesting than their present.

I believe that if I met you in person I would talk more about the present than about things that happened in the past. But I admit that many of my posts deal with memories rather than what is happening today. I do try to mix it up. Maybe I sound older in the blog than I do in person.

What I’m working my way around to saying is that there is a tipping point in the life of many people where they dwell more in the past than in the present. I haven’t reached the tipping point yet, but I know that I’m slowly approaching it.

I do believe that I’ve slowed the approach, in part, because I started blogging. Also I’ve started reading a variety of other blogs. I occasionally comment on their posts. I’ve even traded emails with a few bloggers. These activities help keep me from daydreaming about the past. That’s probably what I would be doing if I just sat around watching TV or listening to musical oldies all day.

So thanks, blogosphere, you’re helping me feel young.

5 thoughts on “Tipping Point

  1. I believe the past is important, although one shouldn’t dwell too long on them. But it’s important to look back sometimes. I guess that is how stories are passed down 🙂 . Depending on who I meet and how, sometimes I talk about the present, sometimes the past (if asked). I hope that as I get older, I would mix the two up a bit. It would be nice to share stories of a fantastic fulfilled life. Sometimes I feel that my “younger years” had more adventures. I’m sure you’ll be rolling your eyes at me now and saying “you’re not even that old!”. But I keep more to myself now and I actually have a set bedtime. So no more crazy late nights/weekends, but I did at one point pick up hiking. I wouldn’t trade those adventures for anything, and I hope to be doing more of that in the near future. 🙂

    1. You have many points in that short paragraph. I wish I could be that concise. It seems like the older I get, the more I ramble on.

      I would say that stories get passed down because a) someone tells the tale and b) someone else is willing to listen and remember. Perhaps some of us who blog are using it as a vehicle for telling our tales in hopes that someone is out there listening/reading. I didn’t feel that way when I started, but I realize that some people do read and some even remember some of my posts. It’s not quite immortality, but it is a start.

      How did you know that I do eye rolls? Yeah, I don’t think you’ve reached “old ladyhood” yet. It sounds to me that you are in a period of quiet reflection. You probably have a few crazy nights left in you, just not on a night before a hike. And I’m glad to hear that hiking is again in your future.

      1. I remember our discussion on shortening posts or being more concise ^_^

        In an age where we have so many ways to communicate with one another, I sometimes feel as if less and less people are willing to write or listen. More garbage, fights, drama – less real content. It is nice to read, listen, exchange stories and ideas. There was a quote I was going to post here on immortality, but I had forgotten the exact wording. But I will say, that one does not truly die until they’re forgotten.

        LOL @ old ladyhood. If the crazy nights come, so be it. But I would definitely prefer a quiet hike in nature.

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