A minor rant

The corn is growing
The corn is growing

I finally got back to the corn field the other day. The first picture I took of this field appeared in my post on June 9th. As you can see, the crop is up and doing well. You can also probably tell that rain is imminent. Here in the U.S. we always say that the crop will be good if the corn is knee-high on the Fourth of July. It isn’t the fourth yet, and the corn is more than head high…unless you are very tall. I’ll be going back to check on the corn at least twice more this year. I think this is better than watching paint dry.


I follow less than two dozen blogs. I seldom see only one post and then start following the blog. I normally read a number of posts first. I try to choose carefully, and tend to select blogs that are challenging, or are very visual, or are funny. Those are the things that I look for. With one or two exceptions I also choose blogs where vulgarity is an exception rather than a rule. It’s just my choice. The older I get (or perhaps, the more mature I become), the less enchanting I find the use of crude language.

So I was surprised the other day when a comment to a post in one of my favorite blogs included a word that describes the scat of a male bovine. How indelicate, thought I. Why would you choose that word over “bushwa?” Both terms have two syllables, so they can be said equally quickly. And “bushwa” has fewer character strokes, so it can be keyboarded faster. Was the other word used for shock purposes only?

Perhaps English was not the writer’s native language. A smaller vocabulary might result in word usage picked up from watching American and British movies or listening to some songs. But that’s just speculation on my part.

I have no complaint with the original blog, I still look forward to future posts. The comment’s language was an aberration, so I feel secure that my sensibilities won’t be trod upon in the future. I just felt that I wanted to discuss the matter. Little things mean a lot.

Addendum: I know I sound like a goody-two-shoes in the above. I’ll admit that I curse occasionally, but I don’t do it for public display. When I curse I am alone, or occasionally, with Cindy. There are always other words that can be used, unless you want to cause offense.