Yesterday’s mystery solved

The remains
The remains

This picture is the reason I had to go to the bank yesterday. Enigmatic, no? I’ll explain and tell you about the mystery I mentioned in yesterday’s post.

The pile of scrap in the picture is the remnants of a wooden play set; you know, swings and slide and rope and such, that the former owner of our house had built for his kids. We maintained it (the yellow paint and indoor/outdoor carpeting specifically) for our grandkids, but some of the wood had started to rot, the rope was fraying, trees were taking root in the sandbox, and it was getting to be too much bother for too little use. So we decided to get rid of it.

On Thursday afternoon our doorbell rang. When I answered the door I expected to shoo away somebody who was selling something. But there stood one of Cindy’s second cousins. He told me that Cindy wanted him to tear apart something in the back yard…he wasn’t sure what. Well I called Cindy because I knew what she wanted, but I didn’t know she had contacted her cousin. It turns out that she hadn’t. She had talked to his mother and said that she was thinking about calling him. The mother called her daughter who called her brother, the cousin, and told him to come to our house. Is that convoluted enough?

Aside: We have had mixed results when Cindy decided to go outside the professionals and to hire a relative or a friend’s relative to take on a something that we wanted done. Cindy once hired a friend’s relative to wallpaper our bedroom. Have you ever awakened in the morning and found the wallpaper peeling down from the top of the walls? It looked a bit like a Salvador Dali painting.

So, I walked the cousin to the back yard and explained what we wanted done. He looked things over, thought about it, and quoted a price. It was a price that we both thought was reasonable and I set a time for him to come to the house Friday morning (It was a two-hour window because he had to borrow the tools). I told him I would wait for him to arrive and get started, and then I would go to the bank for his pay (he wanted cash…they always want cash).

He arrived and started unloading his implements of destruction, including a chain saw. I went back in the house to work on yesterday’s post. Every ten minutes or so I would look out of the window to check his progress. There was none. He was attempting to start the chain saw, but he wasn’t succeeding. After half an hour of watching futile attempts I left for the bank.

When I got home the cousin’s vehicle was gone. And thus the mystery. Where was he? I looked in the back yard and found the playthings intact. Hmmm. Curious.

I had finished eating my lunch before he returned. He came to the front door and explained that he couldn’t get the chainsaw started, so he had taken it back to the owner to get some starting tips. He was ready to get the job done now.

Twenty minutes later he again left, without starting the chainsaw. It was going to be a long day. But he returned about half an hour later, telling me that the carburetor had been “gunked up” and he had needed to clean it. Can you do that in half an hour?

Well anyway, to make a long story shorter, he finally got the chain saw started and proceeded to cut the sucker into pieces. He also carried everything to the street for the street scavengers and ultimately for the city disposal crew. Once started he made quick work of the job.

I paid him the agreed upon sum, and gave him a little extra because he did do a good job (once started). I may revise my thoughts about not using the Yellow Pages. But there is still that wallpaper thing.