Music Memories 15: Bonnie Raitt

Sweet Forgiveness
Sweet Forgiveness

Trying to explain this memory becomes more convoluted the more I think about it. Let me try to explain from the beginning.

I’ve mentioned in earlier posts that I have been a big Bonnie Raitt fan from the first time I heard one of her records. I went through a period, starting back when I lived in Auburn, when I bought all of her back albums and then everything new that she released. This album was probably the third or fourth that I bought. As usual, I was blown away the first dozen or so times that I listened to it, and then settled into a happy familiarity with all of the music. Of course I had a few favorites on the album. This song, About To Make Me Leave Home was one of those favorites.

You may be thinking, “So, where’s the big memory? Nothing special here.” That’s true. But let me continue.

There was this pretty blonde woman, who shall remain nameless, with whom I really wanted to have a relationship beyond the friendship that we had. Get my drift? Well, one evening she and her roommate, who will also remain nameless, were over at my apartment, eating snacks, drinking wine, listening to music and talking. They didn’t like any of the music that I was playing. Frank Sinatra? Forget it. Too old and slow. Iron Butterfly? What is that crap? David Bromberg? Are you kidding? Then I put on Bonnie Raitt’s Sweet Forgiveness album and things settled down.

Well the pretty blonde’s eyes go slightly out of focus and she tells us about a cross-country car trip she and a friend took a little over a year earlier. To hear the blonde tell it, they made the trip with a big bag of corn chips and a cassette tape of the Sweet Forgiveness album which they played over and over again.

Love of the album was something we had in common, but the relationship never blossomed. There wasn’t enough in common. My idea of a fun evening out was a movie or concert and dinner at a nice restaurant. She preferred going to honky-tonk bars and drinking shots of tequila with strange men. And don’t get me started on her roommate. That’s a whole ‘nother saga.

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