Why does anybody read this blog?

Picture windows
Picture windows

This is another picture from yesterday’s stroll through the library’s neighborhood. I am always afraid that people will think I am spying on them, or casing their house for a break-in, so I don’t usually take time to zoom in on details. I do that when I get home and upload the picture to my hard drive. Consequently, I lose some clarity in the final product. I wish I could tell what exactly is taped to the windows. They appear to be cut from magazines. Are they taped there so the occupant can enjoy the other side of the pages, or are they for the passer-by? The windows are on the second floor.


Let’s face it, with a few exceptions, I have no idea why anybody reads this blog. Oh, sure, there are a few friends whom I’ve known for years, and some family, and I guess a couple of bloggers who do it to be gracious because I’ve commented on a post of theirs or followed their blogs. But other than those few people? I can’t account for the other seventy+ people who follow Classical Gasbag. I know that seventy to eighty followers is a low number in the blogosphere, but it is at least seventy more than I expected when I started doing this.

Yesterday’s post caused me to put some thought into the title question. While there was only one comment, from my good friend Bob, three strangers clicked on Like, and two of them started following the blog. My question is, why?

OK, I’ll set modesty aside for a moment and admit that I think there were two or three good lines in that post. But really; I was just putting words together to keep in the habit of composing. I’ve published many things that I think are better, as well as some dogs that even I don’t like.

I sometimes think that people whom I don’t know, read a post because of the tags or categories I use. Over the years I’ve noticed that when I use the tag Art, I get a small uptick in my statistics. The same is true when I use Movies or Music. I can kind of understand that, but I seldom stick to one category for any extended length of time.

I recently changed avatars, and chose a picture of me that was taken ten years ago (I’m now older, fatter, beardless, and only wear glasses for reading) I should probably use an updated photo. But let’s face it, nobody is going to real this blog based on how I look, either then or now.

If I were a business person I would do a focus group. Instead, I’ve added the form below so that you can give me feedback. I want to know why you may like the blog in general. Feel free to get specific and tell me things you like and/or things you don’t like. My inquiring mind wants to know.

5 thoughts on “Why does anybody read this blog?

  1. first of all, I decided I want to read your blog when I saw your picture as an old man, yes. Personally, I believe old people are sophisticated and have too much experience to share with us, the younger generation. There are many old bloggers here and to say the least, they’re young at heart!

    At first, your blog looked very normal, but this title really paid my attention. I read others’ blogs because I love reading and want to learn about other things I can’t seem to experience in my real world. The Wordpres community is where you get endless support and appreciation from people you don’t know. They’d help you, encourage you and make you feel proud. We all started from the same exact point and didn’t expect any followers but it’s not always like what we think of ourselves.

    Now, I am excited to read more of your posts, not because I want you to review my blog or follow me but because I know here I can find genuine content.

    Please, do watch this video, it somehow discusses your blog post. Have a nice day. 🙂

    1. Let me respond to your comment in reverse order.That’s a trick politicians use to either give themselves time to come up with an answer, or to avoid answering part of a multi-part question.

      First, the video; I enjoyed it. What I took from the video was that we need to tell people the positive things we see in them more often. Watching and commenting from a hidden position is like thinking something but not saying it to the person’s face. They never hear it. What I’ve found since I started blogging is that giving a person a positive comment, when warranted, costs you nothing and can be a positive part of their day. I guess that also speaks to the second part of your comment.

      As to the first part of your comment, about being drawn to my blog by my picture as an old man. How droll. I was tempted to respond sarcastically, but I shan’t. I’ll simply say thank you, and promise to soon use a picture that shows me being even older. My current picture is ten years old.

      Finally, thanks for taking an interest in Classical Gasbag. Your comments have given me an idea for a post. I plan on starting a draft later today.

      1. I like the politicians’ trick, never thought of it actually.

        Well, usually I talk to old women and men because they’re old and experienced but never tell them my reason of interest. I wanted to tell you because I felt somehow you didn’t like your picture, or let’s say I was applying what I saw in the video, a positive comment that costs nothing.

        It sounds silly at the beginning to say you’re interested in old men and women but it’s truly amazing when you start learning old tricks and have this strange sense of humor among your young buddies. My friends are very careful with me. 😉

  2. But let’s face it, nobody is going to real this blog based on how I look, either then or now.
    I’ll have to respectfully disagree. As they say, “with age comes wisdom.”… or something like that, hahaha. ^__^ But honestly, it’s nice to follow and read blogs from different age ranges. The perspective is what sets it apart. Although many bloggers like to remain anonymous and don’t use a photograph of themselves for their gravatar. But once you talk to them, you’ll know. Or like with J, I thought he was much older but he’s only a year younger than me. He’s been one of the few exceptions though.

  3. Or something like that. Maybe you’re thinking of “With great power comes great responsibility.” That works for me.

    I do agree with you about reading a variety of ages. I also try to read a variety of topics. I’ll admit that most of the people I read are younger than me (what are the odds? No, what are the odds?) Among the people I read on a regular basis is an elementary school teacher who is a grandmother; an angst ridden college student in Canada; photographers from California, Australia and the Netherlands; and and a few who write about their fights with depression, various dependencies, and OCD; and, of course, a young poet/fictioneer in SoCal. Each of those people, and a number more, have something to say that I find interesting in one way or another. My life is richer for reading all of those points of view.

    Oh, and I try to only make positive comments. Most writers have enough insecurities that I don’t need to add to that.

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