Move along, nothing to see


When I left the library this morning I decided to take a stroll around the block. I put my check-outs in the car and set off with my camera because I knew I needed a picture for today’s post. This building sits just west of the library. I’m not sure if the building is occupied or not, but it seems evident that the basement door hasn’t been used recently.


It isn’t quite writer’s block from which I’m suffering. My problem is that I’m not inclined to write about anything in particular. But, I think I want to compose. What’s a boy man to do?

I went to my four unpublished drafts and looked them over, but they weren’t suitable for a number of reasons. The first draft was ungainly and unreadable because I couldn’t corral my ideas and lead them up to the ramp to…well, there, I still can’t find the right way to approach the subject.

Two of the drafts were similar to a post that I recently published, and I don’t want to appear bereft of new ideas…even though this post seems to be saying that I’m bereft of new ideas. I’ll continue to hold them until enough time has passed to make them seem fresh. That could be some time from now. (Can you believe that I used bereft twice in the same sentence?)

The fourth draft will probably never see the light of day. I wrote it to rant about a number of things that upset me, but that I don’t want to share. I really am trying to be a kinder, gentler person…in public. No, I’ll not be publishing that draft, but I will keep it and add to it as a release for the vitriol that I occasionally feel.

After checking my drafts, I went to the list of ideas I keep on my cell phone. I found some dumb ideas on the smart phone. I won’t be sharing those ideas, at least I won’t today. I’m saving one that is not dumb for next year, because 1) I need to research the topic, and 2) I had planned on using it on Father’s Day, but completely forgot about it. I should check my idea list more often.

Others on the list are simply a phrase or a sentence that came to me while watching television, sometimes they were based on something that was said on the broadcast, some seemed to come out of the blue. They all need more time and work than I’m willing to spend today.

I guess it just boils down to the fact that I was too lazy to work on a post yesterday and this morning. It may also be true tomorrow.