More about our graveyard adventure

First non-indigenous county resident to die here
First non-indigenous county resident to die here

The third graveyard that we visited on Friday was the Independence Cemetery, which is located a short distance north of Independence, Indiana. The graveyard is large enough that it has components on both sides of the road. We stayed on the west side.

Mary had a vague idea where the graveyard was located, and I had a small map of the township that helped. We found it without much trouble. I know that someday I want to go back and visit the smaller section on the east side of the road.

As the marker in the picture above states, Zachariah Cicott was the first permanent white settler in Warren County. Wikipedia tells me that he was a French-Canadian trader who set up business there. It also tells me that he was married to a Potawatomi woman. I’m pretty sure that the “Always faithful to the white people” statement is due to the fact that he became a scout for William Henry Harrison and brought him north to fight the Battle of Tippecanoe in 1811. I wonder how Zachariah’s wife felt about that.

The statement seems racist in these times, and should have when the plaque was put up in 1966. But this is Indiana, where the roots of  a reconstituted Klu Klux Klan run deep. But that isn’t the topic of this post.

There were plenty of other interesting things to see in this graveyard. I’ll be uploading most of my pictures to Flickr. When that is complete I’ll put a link to the album in a post.

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