#7 of 501: Sullivan’s Travels

Oooo, Veronica
Oooo, Veronica

I wasn’t sure if I should use the number 7 in the title of this post, because Cindy fell asleep in the middle of the movie. Should I then call it #6 1/2 of 501? I decided that if I did that, I would have trouble keeping track of the number as time went by…besides, I watched the entire movie. I asked Cindy if she planned on watching the end of the movie. She grumpily said maybe, but not now. I take that as a no.

Let me get this off of my chest before I delve into the movie. I never thought of Veronica Lake as being a great beauty before watching this movie. I saw her more as a sultry femme fatale, even though I can’t remember ever seeing one of her movies. But in this movie, in some scenes, when her hair was under a cap or hat, she looked downright cute. In fact, I wonder if her famous hair didn’t detract from her acting. She created an image, but I’m not sure she needed it. There, I’ve stated my feelings. I feel better now.

OK, so now the movie. I like it. Need I say more?

It was released in 1941. Without getting too deep into the plot, it involves a movie director, played by Joel McCrea, who wants to turn from making successful comedies to movies that have serious topics. I love the fact that the movie he wants to make is based on the novel¬†O Brother, Where Art Thou.¬†(Now I want to watch the Coen brother’s film again.) The director has no experience with poverty or a hard life, so he goes in search of it for research. Along the way he meets Veronica Lake’s character, and they go off together.

My only complaint with the movie is that some of the comedy action is so over the top that is detracts from the movie. At least it did for me. On the other hand, there are long sequences with no dialogue where the action and camera work tell the story beautifully.

I enjoyed this movie a lot.