Why are there cats on our roof?


It makes me smile to see new leafy limbs growing from the top of a tree that probably seemed dead a few  ago. It is wonderful.


The simple answer to the title question is, “I don’t know”. I wish I had a photograph of the pesky varmints up there, but I don’t. This is a phenomena that has only manifested itself in the past couple of weeks. At least it is the first time that I have been aware of it. Let me explain what is happening.

Our office/computer room is on the second floor of our house. The room was added on above the garage after the house was built. The room had two windows, one facing east and one facing west. Our PC is against the west wall, so I will, upon occasion, look up from the keyboard or the monitor and look out of the window. The window is high in the wall so my view is normally one of tree branches. I find that soothing.

One day about two weeks ago, I looked up and saw a cat at the window, looking down at me. The looking down probably added to its feeling of superiority over the human race, not to mention our avian friends and small cute furry animals. I reached for my camera, but the feline menace calmly strolled away before I could get a shot of its brown and white smirking face.

Then yesterday, as I was toiling over my post about Amanda Pays’ mouth, I glanced up and saw a gray cat staring at me. Once again I reached for my camera, but this time, rather than a leisurely slinking away, the cat skeedaddled from the window. Different cat, different reaction. I’m guessing that the gray cat has had more things thrown at it with greater accuracy.

Two questions are raised in my mind: 1) Why are there cats on our roof? and 2) How did they get there? I’ll admit to being befuddled.

I wonder if the gray will return to the roof today. It was sitting in our driveway this morning as I took trash to the curb for pickup. The gray didn’t offer to move any more than it took to avoid being stepped on. It simply sidled to the side and yawned, showing off its sharp glittering teeth.

Well, let me end this post by stating, if you couldn’t already surmise, I don’t like cats. I never have, and I’m pretty sure that I never will. They should stay off of our roof.