My embarrassing confession

A different kind of barn
A different kind of barn

I don’t believe I’ve taken a picture of a barn like this one before. I typically look for wooden barns, usually painted red or with all of the paint worn away. I like this barn, also the silo. I’m glad I found it.


The original title of this post was  “My guilty confession.” But then I thought it over and decided that it needed changing. After all, I wouldn’t confess unless I was guilty. And actually, I don’t feel guilty about this confession, but I am embarrassed by it. So, if I’m embarrassed by it, why am I sharing it? Well, it isn’t an embarrassment that makes me blush, but rather one that causes me to grin sheepishly (I guess. I’ve never seen a sheep grin.).

Get to it, you’re thinking, I haven’t got all day. Poor you. I seldom get directly to anything. I sorta meander around a topic, giving useless background, throwing in parenthetical phrases, until I feel that you are ready for the point of the post.

Here goes. I have seen a number of television shows, and a couple of movies with Amanda Pays in the cast. And yet, I couldn’t tell you if she is a good actress. She is winsome. I like her English accent. Can she act? I dunno. She has been in a number of productions, so I must think that she can act. But I couldn’t tell you from first hand observation.

The reason is that I can’t pay attention to her acting. When she is on the screen and speaking, my eyes are invariably drawn to her face, her mouth specifically. I am mesmerized watching her form the words she speaks. I don’t know why that is. It just seems, to me, that she has a unique way forming her words, and I am irresistibly drawn to staring at her mouth.

That’s my embarrassing confession. Do you have a confession that you feel compelled to share? Is it finally time to spill your guts?

If you would like to share a confession with me (I’m probably a total stranger), fill in the form below. If you want to share something with the world at large…well with the people who follow this blog, just make a comment. Oh, and if you want to confess to something illegal, please contact your local police.