Graduation party

Macey's surprise
Macey’s surprise

Last weekend our granddaughter, Macey, graduated from high school. This weekend was her party. I took a number of pictures, not all of which will see the light of day (people kept putting food in their mouths). I am sharing this picture of Macey opening the earrings we gave her. It’s good to see that she isn’t cool and collected about everything. If I had waited another ten seconds I could have gotten a shot of her tears of joy. I may not┬áhave shared it if I had gotten that shot. It just seemed to be too personal a moment to me.

We also gave her a sketchbook and a book on color and light in painting. If I haven’t mentioned it before, she is an excellent artist. She has won a number of competitions this year. She mainly works in watercolor, but in the past she has also done some ceramics work. I think she is a great artist, and should pursue it as an occupation, but she (being more practical than me) wants to get a job that pays well and has a solid future. I hope that happy works into that equation as well.

That’s my short post for today.