#2 of 501: Aguirre: The Wrath of God

The Wrath of God
The Wrath of God

We watched this German flick last night. What can I say? I suppose I have to say something because this is a project that I’ve undertaken. I can’t give on our second movie.

One thing that I learned watching this movie last night is that I shall never be a true patron of “The Cinema.” My tastes tend to much simpler fare than the feast we were treated to on our DVD/TV. I’ll admit to being just a rube when it comes to this flick. A blurb on the back of the DVD case was from Derek Malcolm, writing for the Guardian. It read, “Tour de Force…remarkable film…a cumulative power and genuinely hypnotic force that is hard to deny.” After watching the movie and reading that blurb, I checked to see if the right disc was in the container. It was.

I don’t know enough about the Director, Werner Herzog, or the main actor, Klaus Kinski, to know who made the choice to have Kinski portray Aguirre as a carved figure. I swear, the only time his expression changed during the movie was when he was interacting with the woman, Cecilia Rivera, who portrayed his daughter.

I was quite taken the first dozen or so times when he slowly looked up over his left shoulder to stare at someone. When he was taller than the person being stared at, or was standing uphill from that person, he would crouch so that he could look up at the other actor.  As I think back, I realize that other actors would look over their shoulders at people or things, but they never turned their bodies; they just turned their head to look. I wonder if that was a German acting or German directing choice?

Let me say one positive thing about our movie viewing last night; Cindy disliked the movie more that I did. I suppose Mencken would have considered me a yokel.