First iris of the year
First iris of the year

Our first iris bloomed this morning. I’ve been expecting it for a few days now. Others should start blooming tomorrow. The bad thing is that the weather people are predicting storms with heavy winds tonight. That usually knocks man of the stalks over. Maybe it won’t be so bad if they are still in the bud stage. I can hope.


We went to watch our grandson Mason’s baseball game last night. He is on the JV at his school. He didn’t get to play last night, and that upset Cindy. She was ready to give the coach a piece of her mind. Thankfully she didn’t. She tried to go to the dugout to talk to Mason. I’m pretty sure the coach wasn’t happy about that. I was afraid that Mason might have even less of a chance to play if she had gone into the dugout.

I noticed some of the other people around us in the bleachers. I felt like we were in a good section because many of the people were wearing IU jackets and caps. I felt at home. One of the men sitting near me kept saying things like, “Dig in 3.” and “Good eye, 8.” and “Good heat. 3.” Maybe he didn’t know any of their names. Then another fellow turned to him and said, “Your son is playing really good tonight.” Then it occurred to me that he was calling his son by his number. It also occurred to me that he probably knew the name of every kid on the team. I thought it was strange that he was calling numbers, not names.

Mason’s team lost. The opposing team had a seven to three lead going into the final inning. Mason’s team scored two runs and had two men on base with one out when the other team changed pitchers for the second time. ┬áThat’s how the game ended. I enjoyed the game, and hope to get to one or two more before their season ends. Those boys are playing at a level that is fun to watch. I hope he goes out for the team again next year.