Little bits and little pieces

What the?

Does anyone out there remember the purpose of these? I’m old enough to know. Are you? And if you are, will you admit it?


If you read yesterday’s post, you probably figured out before I did that Cindy and I will be watching movies for a long time. Assuming we can locate all of the movies in a timely manner, we have slightly more than nine and a half years worth of movies to watch at the rate of one per week. We may need to make some alterations to our plan. Silly me; that fact occurred to me when I started creating the database of movies. Also silly, I started it in Excel, and had entered the first fifty movies before I realized how much easier it would be to do in Access. So today I set up the Access table and data entry form, plus the report that shows which movies we own, or are at the library, etc. So far I have one hundred entries. I may get the database finished by this weekend.


When was the last time you heard the term “horse feathers?” It popped into my mind today when I was working on the movie database. One of the entries was Duck Soup by the Marx Brothers. Of course, another of their movies was Horse Feathers, which was released in 1932. According to one website, the term was either coined by William De Beck, the creator of the Barney Google comic strip, or by the cartoonist T. A. Dorgan sometime in the late 1920’s. The term was never much in use outside of the U.S.A. Horse Feathers is a synonym for balderdash. And that’s today’s short post.