What shall we do?

Three moms
Three moms

The picture is of Jill, Cindy, and Trina. I took it yesterday at Trina’s home. She invited us, Jill and her husband and daughter, her mother-in-law, and her husband JR’s grandmother for a cookout. Of course Maely, Mason and Marlon were also there. Macey, however, was attending a stock car race in Tennessee. Despite that, we had a fine time. Thank’s JR and Trina!


A friend of Cindy’s gave her a book, 501 Must-See Movies. Cindy has proposed to me that we watch one of these movies each week, as something we can do together. I like that idea. I’ve leafed through the book and saw that we own many of the movies, and I know we can borrow many more from the library. A few are even now available On Demand with some of the movie channels we pay for with cable. We’ll probably start with those On Demand movies so we can watch them while we’re already paying for them. Some of the movies listed in the book, however are likely going to be harder to locate. I’m thinking that some of the foreign silent films will be nigh on to impossible to find even in the video stores. Of course, I could be wrong. I don’t enjoy watching movies or television shows on the computer, so Netflix, Flixter and such would be my last resort. I’ll let you know how the search goes.

About the movies themselves…As I was leafing through the pages I found myself nodding and saying such things as, “Yes…of course…What the?” I mean…Christofer Lee’s Dracula rather than Bela Lugosi’s? Home Alone but not The Abominable DrPhibesEnter The Dragon but not The Mark Of Zorro? As you can see, I have problems with some of the choices. Also I’m not a big fan of horror movies after Universal’s heydays, so I could easily dump most of the choices in the book. Perhaps Cindy and I should discuss if we really need to watch each of the 501 movies.

In what order should we watch the movies? Certainly not in the order they appear in the book. In the book they are divided into categories, and I have no intention to watch a few months worth of horror movies in a string. Sorry, but I have my limits. I mentioned earlier that I want to start with the movies available On Demand, because I think that makes the most sense. After that, I think we should get the movies from the library and video stores, filling in with the movies we own if we can’t come up with library or video store offerings.

There is probably an easy way to arrange the order of the movies, but since I seldom do anything the easy way, I’m setting a task for myself. When I’ve finished and published this post, I plan to start a database listing all of the movies in the book, and then cross referencing it against the catalogue of movies we own. The fact that I haven’t finished that catalogue yet just gives me more time-consuming make-work. Yipee!