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Also stately
Also stately

This is another picture that I took Thursday morning, on my way to the funeral of Kara’s father. I met him once or twice, and didn’t know him well, but I had never heard anything but good things about him.


We went to Maely’s dance recital last night. It ran between three, and three and a half hours. I think. I didn’t wear a watch, nor did I take my phone with me. I’m just judging by the restlessness of the people around me, and the numbness of my butt. There were fifty act with one fifteen minute break. They announced the intermission would last ten minutes, but there were a lot of people to cycle through the restrooms and concession stand.

Some of the acts were very good, and some not so much. The wee kiddies were the most fun to watch. The owner/director/teacher was the least fun to watch. She and her staff spend more time on stage performing than any of the students do. The recital length could be trimmed at least by half if the “responsible” people didn’t have such large egos. Of course, I think Maely’s performance was exceptional.

When the recital was over, JR went to fetch Maely while Cindy, Trina, and Maely’s other grandmother, Patty waited out front. After a few minutes, the three women decided that they should visit the lady’s room en masse. I was left to wait. JR arrived with Maely, and immediately left for the men’s room. So Maely and I waited on the sidewalk for the group to return. While we waited, Maely decided to show me her baton routine again, this time on the sidewalk that was teeming with people. Surprisingly, no one was hit with the baton. When she finished she told me that she would then exhibit her tap dance routine from the recital. I told her that she should wait until Grandma Cindy arrived. She liked that idea, but rather than wait for her, she went in search of the missing grandmothers and her mom.

JR and the women reappeared with Maely, so we were allowed to watch the tap dance routine again. When Maely finished, a woman around Cindy’s age asked Maely if she could borrow her baton for a moment. Maely, polite child that she is, handed it over. The woman then proceeded to twirl the baton in order to show her granddaughter that she was perfectly capable of performing as well. I was impressed.

We went our separate ways, and when I got home I found that I had missed a telephone call from my mother. I’ll admit that one of the reasons I left the phone at home was because my mother calls me every Saturday night. She calls to ask me what I’m doing (usually I’m watching a movie on DVD), and she asks if Cindy is playing cards (99% of the time she is). However, last night she called to talk to me about her Friday night call.

When she called me Friday night she asked in passing if Cindy was home. I said that she was and offered to put her on. Mom said she would like that. After having some connection problems, they chatted for a while. Mom’s voicemail Saturday said that she was sorry that I had awoken Cindy, and probably got in trouble over it. Huh?

I called today (it was past her bedtime Saturday night) and asked why she thought Cindy was sleeping instead of cooking dinner (which is what Cindy had been doing). She said that my sister told her that Cindy said she had been taking a nap. Cindy had not. Perhaps my mom isn’t the only one who needs hearing aids.