Glen Campbell: Gentle On My Mind

The first Campbell album that I heard

The first Campbell album that I heard

A few days ago I shared some memories from John Hartford’s Gentle On My Mind album. Today I want to share a few memories from Glen Campbell’s album of the same name. Campbell’s version of Hartford’s song is better known. I like it marginally more than the original because a) I heard it first, and b) I have memories of listening to the entire album for the first time that I will never forget. I have tried to suppress those memories over the years, but haven’t been able to do so.

This story starts in Bloomington in the early summer of 1969. I was between dropping out of college and being drafted into the army. I drove down to Bloomington to say farewell to the campus, and to take a last walk around town. I stopped at my favorite record store and bought Peter, Paul & Mary’s new album, Peter, Paul & Mommy. As I was leaving the store I met a friend, Barb, who was taking a summer class and working a summer job. She was buying the Glen Campbell album. I explained why I was in town. She invited me to her apartment for a home cooked meal. I knew that it would mean a late night drive home, but it sounded too good to turn down.

Censored 2

as it slowly sank to the bottom of the lake, I rowed the boat back to shore.

Well, it feels good to get that off of my chest. My next Music Memory won’t be that dark.