My old address book

Pre-digital records
Pre-digital records

I came across my old address book yesterday. This dates back to the time before people kept addresses on smart phones, tablets, laptops, PCs or other electronic devices. Based on the addresses in it, I must have started using this book in the late 1970’s, shortly after I moved to Auburn, and stopped using it after I moved to Lafayette and started keeping addresses and phone numbers electronically. Considering the number of times that I’ve lost and had to recreate my electronic lists, I should probably keep a paper backup.

Of course I used this address book much more frequently back then, than I would ever need it now. It is from a time when people actually took pen to paper and wrote proper letters to people. The closest most of us come to that now is a heart-felt email. Some of my younger friends have even stopped using email, but will occasionally send a text message. To many people, extreme brevity is the soul of communication. Let me move on, because I had no intention of ranting on that topic.

Looking through the listings in my address book brought back memories of many people with whom I am no longer in touch. There are a few names that are familiar, but I cannot recall where I met the person, or what they did for a living. Most however, just bring back gentle smiles.

One of the first people listed was a young woman whom I used to work with. She appears to have moved five times before I wised up and started entering her information in pencil. She was living in North Carolina by then. The last entry was when she made one last move when she got married. We exchanged letters a few times after that event, but by then Cindy and I were also married and we lost touch with each other.

Another listing was for a young woman who worked in the Ft. Wayne IESD office while studying to be a music therapist. She was the first person I ever met who planned a career in music therapy. In fact, I had never heard of music therapy before I met her. She had most of the men in the Ft. Wayne office wrapped around her little finger, and probably could have wrapped me if she had wanted to. The last address I have for her was in Mew Mexico.

Then there was the entry for still another young woman who was a part-time employee in the Auburn LOFF. I didn’t know her well, but evidently I knew her well enough to have her address and telephone number. The last thing I remember about her was that she left IESD in order to travel around the country with an over-the-road truck driver. I wonder where she is now.

If it seems like all of my entries are for women, that’s not quite true. Most of them are for women, but please remember that I was single until I moved to Lafayette, met and married Cindy. I was allowed.

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