Photo from a Sunday drive

Photo from a Sunday drive

Cindy and I went for Sunday drive on March 30th. It’s something I wish we would do more often, but other things seem to come up, like bad weather. This was a pretty day. Part of the drive took us through Stockwell, where I took this picture. I’m sure that I’ve taken other photos of this building, but I don’t recall if I’ve posted earlier pictures.


Sometimes I’m my own worst enemy. I had thought that I would be more productive this week if I worked on other projects in the morning and then write a post for the blog in the afternoon. I was wrong. For the last three days I started a project after eating my morning meal, but got so bogged down in it that I couldn’t get to Classical Gasbag in the late afternoon, by which time I had no desire to start a draft, let alone post a finished product. And today I spent the morning with Cindy and her mother, Flo, so no writing got done; though I did get material for today’s post.

Cindy had to take Flo to a doctor’s office this morning to get injections for pain relief in Flo’s knees and shoulders. I went along to help get Flo to and from, as well as in and out of the car.

While we were in the waiting room Flo asked me if I remembered the television show M*A*S*H. I told her that I did. She then asked me if I remembered the “old guy who was in charge.” I knew that she meant Harry Morgan, so I said yes. Then she said that she had seen him in some old episodes of Dragnet. I started to tell her that I remembered him being in December Bride with Spring Byington and Hec Ramsey with Richard Boone, but Flo just talked over me and told me that he was dead. I told her that he had been dead for a few years now. “Oh,” she said. “He never seemed to age.” I thought that to her he must have always looked old since he was the old guy on M*A*S*H and had also been on Dragnet. I remained silent. She then went on to say some things about Doris Day that I shan’t repeat since this is a family friendly blog.

I stayed in the waiting area while Cindy took Flo back for her injections. A few of the other people there caught my attention.

First there was the young man who appeared to be college aged. He came in with a woman who appeared to be his mother, but maybe he just likes older women. He was wearing shorts and a hoodie, with the hood up, that had wings printed on the hood approximately where his ears would be located. Maybe his ears were cold. The woman he was with filled out the paperwork for him, so maybe she was his personal assistant. The thing that actually drew my attention, besides the hoodie, was the fact that he was barefoot. Hmmm.

There was a man waiting with a woman (wife or girlfriend?). He was trying to explain to her the game he was playing on his iPad. She appeared to be struggling to understand both the game and the appeal it held for him. She was a trooper.

There was an older couple waiting. He was going through everything in the medical file he was carrying. She didn’t seem all that interested, but became perturbed when a woman walked out of the restroom and left the door ajar. After all, there was a sign on the door that clearly stated that the door was to remain closed at all times. I wondered how people were supposed to access and to egress from the restroom, but I remained quiet.

There isn’t much to  say about the man who had a mullet cut and clothes to match. Suffice it to say that he walked in, wandered around the waiting area and then left.

Cindy and Flo finally came back. That was my morning.