Non-Music and Music Memories 1: It’s In The Book

Johnny Standley: It’s In The Book (Grandma’s Lye Soap)

Johnny Standley
Johnny Standley

My dad bought this 45 rpm record when I was a child. It came out in 1952, but I don’t remember when he bought it, or when I first heard it. I do remember thinking that it was hilarious. I still think that it is pretty funny, especially the first side.

To be honest, I didn’t remember Johnny Standley’s name, just the title of the piece, and the phrase, from side two, “It’s not raining inside tonight.” That line really tickled me. And who, anymore, says “tickled me?” I found his name when I looked up the record on YouTube.

Another piece of honesty: I was thinking about, and looking for another comedy bit to go on about, but It’s In The Book popped into my head, so here it is. I’ll write about my original idea soon…maybe tomorrow.

Only a few records, mainly heard on the radio, stand out in my head from the early to mid-1950s. This record, obviously, but also The Teddy Bear Picnic

and from the PSA, Smokey The Bear

I can remember sitting in the waiting room at our dentist’s office, singing Smokey The Bear, to stifle any nervousness I may have been feeling. I’m pretty sure that everyone else in the waiting room was happy when I went in to see the dentist. They could then listen to the drill rather than my singing.

Still, we take our opportunities to entertain the masses when and where we can.


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