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Waiting for spring
Waiting for spring

I am afraid they are still waiting for spring weather. We’ve had another snow since I took this picture. But maybe in a week or two.


I was reading a post on a blog that I like very much the other day, and I almost jumped in with a comment. What I had planned on saying, kind of, was that the writer and I had similar blogs except for the fact that she tended to write about her current life while I tended to write about my past life. Luckily, I stopped myself before I could make such a silly statement. It is true that I like to think that my Music Memories posts are vignettes that show a broader aspect of my thinking (while you are probably thinking “What twaddle!), much of what I relate in this blog is my current life. Even the stories from my past are colored by my life now. I have the luxury of looking back and smiling over things that I thought were really important at the time, but were just passing drama. If I’m lucky, in ten years I’ll be able to look back and feel the same about today’s life.

When I got that far in my thinking, I realized that memories are just images of a past as seen through today’s eyes. I also decided to take up this internal conversation again the next time I wake up at 2:30 a.m. and can’t get back to sleep. You’re probably nodding off just reading this post.


I know that I wrote about our troubles with our water heater. Last week a repair person installed a new gas valve, but told me that the igniter could fail at any time, so I had him order a new one and arranged to have it installed yesterday.

He was right, the igniter went out at some point on Saturday, so there was no hot shower on Sunday. Well, there had been three and a half days of abundant hot water. I brought our very large soup pot back from the basement and started heating water in it again. It suffices.

Yesterday the repair person returned. It wasn’t the same guy as last week, but he had been out the first time it was worked on around seven or eight weeks previously. And he had been to the house to change out the brine tank on the water softener. If he has to come back again I may have to add him to our Christmas card list.

He put the new igniter on the water heater and stayed long enough to determine that things seemed to be working properly. As he was leaving he told me that the only thing left that could go wrong with the heater would be if the blower failed. I hope he wasn’t trying to get me set up for another visit.

Cindy and I will be content to have hot water from a faucet as long as we can. The soup pot is always there for backup…assuming we can light a fire under the pot.

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