Music (false?) memories: Berlioz

Berlioz Greatest Hits
Berlioz Greatest Hits

You may be asking yourself why I’ve added the word “false” to the title of this piece. Well, that’s a good question. Let me tell you the story.

When I knew that I was being drafted into the army back in 1969, I decided that I wanted to expand my musical horizons just as I did when I went away to college. Back then I added jazz to my listening; in ’69 I decided to add classical. I didn’t feel like jumping in over my head, so I bought an album by Andres Segovia because I figured that guitar playing would be good no matter the genre, and I bought a version of Beethoven’s third symphony because everyone said Beethoven was wonderful. Both were good choices. I also decided to try someone I had never heard of, so I picked up the album you see above.

However, I guess I didn’t buy that album at that time. I still have the vinyl album, and it has that exact cover. But when I checked the album number on the Internet, it showed that the album was released in March of 1971. Well, OK, I was still in the army then, and maybe I bought it when I was stationed in Germany. But no, when I took a closer look at the Internet entry, it showed the album had a different title, and was only credited to Leonard Bernstein. How could that be? The album cover credits not only Bernstein, but also Charles Munch and Eugene Ormandy. When I took a close look at my copy, I realized that it had a notch cut into the cover, so I obviously bought it from a cutout bin, which would indicate that I probably bought the album after I was released from the army.

I guess that I bought the album sometime after August of 1971, but have convinced myself that it was one of the first albums of classical music that I had purchased. I don’t know why I would have done that. And it doesn’t explain the discrepancy in the Internet information and the album cover.

I think it is time for me to let all of that go and sit down to listen to the music. It is wonderful. I am glad that I added classical music to my listening rotation.