Today’s word

Never enough barns
Never enough barns

I could have shot a better picture of this barn and horse, but I honestly didn’t think I would be using the photo. I’ll have to go bask later this year and get a better picture. I hope the horse is still there when I do.


Glum. It’s how I feel today, but I don’t know why. I would say it is about a half step above morose. I feel that you must have a solid reason to be morose, but not so with glum.

The weather (overcast and chilly with a wind) could be making me feel glum. Or perhaps, the fact that we now have hot water again, but the repair tech found another problem with the heater and has ordered another part to be delivered next week; that could be a cause for glumness. Maybe it’s because today turned into a bill paying day that I hadn’t planned on, but felt that I had to do. Or maybe it is because I would like to get an email from a friend, but none have turned up in my in box (little things mean a lot). Any of those, on the right day, could cause me to feel glum, not blah, but glum.

Having said that, on most days none of those reasons would bring on glumness. Tomorrow I’ll probably be smiling and laughing, skipping and jumping, and breaking out in a chorus of I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing. But that would be tomorrow, not today. Today I’m just feeling glum. I don’t feel dejected or despondent, or downhearted, or crestfallen. I just feel glum.

Glum is a good word. It is almost onomatopoetic. I don’t think that feelings can be onomatopoetic; but if they could be, glum would fit the bill.

I hope you’re having a non-glum day.