This feels like filler

Just sittin' around
Just sittin’ around

I hadn’t planned on taking this picture. I was hoping to get one of a bird or two on the feeder. Since I was on the other side of the yard, I zoomed in as much as I could, but the birds took off just as I was taking the picture. Still, thought I, there may be something worthy in a picture of a deserted bird feeder. When I downloaded the picture to PC and pulled it up in the software, I saw the turtle-dove sitting on the fence behind the feeder. So I enlarged the picture some more, and sharpened the image a bit. I kinda like the result.


I’ve been reading a lot of new (for me) blogs recently. It has been a somewhat random selection on my part. I have been going to the blogs of people who follow my posts and reading what they are posting. If I like it, I follow them, or at least bookmark the site for future consideration. Then I check out the people who “like” or comment on the posts of the first group. I’ve come across some interesting blogs in that way. Some of them I’ve started to follow, and some of them give me hives. Just know that if I follow your blog, I truly enjoy what you post. If I don’t follow your blog, it doesn’t mean that I’m not checking it out from time to time, and that I may follow it in the future.


I was half watching a political talking heads program a few days ago, when I heard one of the wise men say the phrase “Japanese mainland.” Where would that be? The last time I looked on a map, Japan was just a series of islands. Of course, I’m not smart enough to know when an island becomes big enough to have a mainland. Perhaps someone who is reading this could tell me. I really would like to know. It could be that I have been wrong all of my thinking life. It wouldn’t be the first time.