Music Memories 10: Herbie Mann

Herbie Mann: At The Village Gate

At The Village Gate
At The Village Gate

I first heard this album when I was either a sophomore or junior in college at IU. I borrowed it from a guy who lived down the hall in our dorm. He had a pretty good selection of jazz albums, and after I started buying more jazz albums, we started loaning them to each other. I particularly liked this album. and Donald Byrd’s A New Perspective. I enjoyed them so much that I bought copies for myself. I have owned more than one copy of each of these album; buying a new copy as I wore out the others through multiple playing. Now I own them on CD, and have copied them to a flash drive for backup.

That is only one part of the reason this album was so important to my memories. Back inCensored 2

she said. And that’s the reason that this album means so much to me.