How we spent our week – part 2

From Lee & Michelle to Cindy
From Lee & Michelle to Cindy

When I came home from the hospital Thursday night, I found these flowers on the front porch. Thy were sent by Cindy’s son and our daughter-in-law. They were so beautiful that I took this picture and attached it to a text that I sent to Cindy in the hospital.


I should have made the point in yesterday’s post that I may be making some mistakes in the actual sequence of events, and the timing of them. I thought about taking notes on things when I realized that Cindy was going to be there for a few days. But that plan didn’t seem worth the effort when I would see her either on the border of writhing in pain, or too drugged up to stay awake.  Perspective. Now where did I leave off yesterday…Oh, yeah…


She was admitted and taken to a room. IVs were started, and pain meds administered. Wednesday was a day of no food or drink by mouth. If someone asked Cindy if she needed anything she would tell them a glass of ice water. It was a joke she never tired of, only she wasn’t joking. Early that morning the doctor ordered an ultrasound of the gallbladder. Visitors came and went. A few times during the day Cindy’s nurse would call to find out when the ultrasound would happen. The ultrasound tech finally arrived around 6:45 that evening. She told us that things had been so busy in the ER, that she hadn’t been able to go anywhere else that day. She did her job and left.

By Thursday morning Cindy’s enzyme levels were much better. The doctor said she the ultrasound had detected one large gall stone in her gallbladder and that the pancreatitis was diminishing. She said that Cindy might be released on Friday. The hospital doctor put Cindy on a liquid diet for breakfast, and when she tolerated that, a full solid diet for lunch. Cindy handled that well, but the doctor was concerned that Cindy was still too dependent on the pain meds. Cindy, ever optimistic about having things her way, started making phone calls and made an appointment for Monday with her primary care physician to get a referral to a surgeon. There was one thing the doctor said that didn’t sit well with Cindy. She told us that they usually wait for a second attack before taking more aggressive actions such as removing the gallbladder. Cindy wanted it out. Now!

Late Thursday afternoon a surgeon (who resembled a tall, dark Doogie Howser) came in to discuss the possibility of removing her gallbladder. He told us that he didn’t think gallstones caused the pancreatitis, but that since the gall stone was so large it would probably cause a problem eventually. After minimal discussion, surgery was scheduled for Friday.

On Friday we sat around wondering when the surgery would take place. We didn’t know because they had to work Cindy into the schedule at the last minute. We only knew that it would be in the afternoon. Finally, around 11:30,  we got the word that Cindy was scheduled for sometime between 1:30 and 2 p.m.

Let me compress this next part. Cindy was taken in, the surgery (laparoscopic) took about an hour. The surgeon came out and told us that the surgery went fine and he made a minor joke about pathologists. Cindy was in recovery for a tad longer than an hour, was brought back to the room where she was very groggy. In succession Cindy asked for ice water, hot tea, and Diet Sprite. She was feeling better, surrounded by family and friends. She was on a clear liquid diet Friday, but the doctor said she could have real food for breakfast Saturday, to see how she tolerated it.

When I came in Saturday morning, Cindy had packed, dressed, eaten breakfast, and was waiting for the doctor to release her. She wanted to go to her Saturday morning get together with her friends. The doctor came in, and when Cindy asked when she could leave, the doctor told her that she wanted to wait until Cindy had also eaten lunch. Cindy was perturbed. After the doctor left the room, she suggested to me that I take her to her friends, and then bring her back for lunch. I declined. She did eventually get home around 4 or 4:30 Saturday. She feels pretty good, but not good enough to leave the house.

To be continued???