How we spent our week – Part 1

A visit from Maely & Trina
A visit from Maely & Trina

I took two pictures of the hospital, but I don’t like the way either of them turned out, so here is one of Maely and Trina visiting Cindy in the hospital.

Why, you may ask, was Cindy in the hospital, and by extension, why was I? Let us go back in time. Cindy has had digestive woes off and on for much of the time I’ve known her. Lately, however, they have become more frequent, and more painful.

On Thursday the 27th she started feeling pain in he upper abdominal region. I told her she should see a doctor, and she said she would the next day. She didn’t. On Friday there was more pain. On Saturday (her big social day) she said she felt better. On Sunday it was worse. On Monday it was so bad she missed work. I told her she had to stop putting off seeing a doctor. She promised to go to Urgent Care on Tuesday morning if she didn’t feel better.

Tuesday rolled around and she didn’t feel better. I drove her to Urgent Care. The doctor there decided, after prodding her stomach and listening with his stethoscope, that she has gastritis. He told her to go home, take Tylenol, and drink fruit juice. She did that, but as the day progressed, she felt worse. Finally, around 8 p.m., I noticed that she was bent almost double, clutching her midsection. I told her that I wanted to take her to the emergency room. She wanted to wait until morning in hopes that she would feel better. I asked her if our roles were reversed, would she let me stay home. She said, “Let’s go.”

We got to the emergency room, where it was so busy that we had to wait about twenty minutes for a bed to be empty. Once we got Cindy into a bed, we had to wait another 90 minutes or so before a doctor showed up. He finally ordered something for her pain, which had gotten worse while we waited. Her stomach was prodded again, and a stethoscope was again deployed; X-rays were taken, and they showed nothing. She was taken away for a CT scan, and then returned to me. Finally the doctor came back and told us that Cindy was being admitted because she had acute pancreatitis. We then knew why they kept asking her how often and how much she drank. Hey, she is the director of a drug and alcohol program, so the answer was not often enough to cause pancreatitis.  Next, they considered the possibility that gallstones were the culprit.

Tomorrow ~ Part 2