Things heard or not heard

Another Spelling Bee team
Another Spelling Bee team

Here is another of the teams from Saturday’s Spelling Bee for literacy. Also, in this picture, the member in the middle is blocked from view, so you’ll have to take my word for it that she was very pretty. And, of course, the team number holder is Cindy.


Let me say up front that this is not the post I had planned it to be. When I woke up yesterday I expected to sit down at the keyboard and finish a draft that I had started about a week before. But then, as I usually do, I turned on Morning Joe. I became so upset over things that were being said, that I turned off the television, went to the family room to watch Today with Cindy, and sat there stewing during their pseudo-news segments.

While Cindy started getting ready for I work, I started working on my draft, and in high dudgeon – as an aside, have you ever heard of anyone doing anything in low or medium dudgeon? Just asking. – and transformed my post-to-be from an introspective, high-minded opinion piece into an invective filled diatribe. Luckily, I clicked on the “save draft” button rather than the “publish” button.

See, I’m learning. But if I ever get that upset again, well, the post is still in available in draft form.


One day last week my mother called to check up on me and Cindy and anyone else I wanted to talk about. She asked about Jill, who has been battling cancer. I told her that Cindy and Jill had been to the Cancer Center of America in Zion, IL.

Mom said with concern, “Oh, is she alright?”

I said, “Yes, they had good news.”

Mom said, “Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.”

“What? No, mom, the news was good.”

“Oh, she’s so young, and has that little girl. I’m sorry to hear that.”

I decided that she did not have her hearing aids in, so I shouted, “THE NEWS WAS GOOD!!”

“Well, that’s too bad. I’ll try to call Cindy when I think she isn’t too busy.”

With that she said goodbye and hung up.


I was in a jewelry store a week or so ago, getting a battery replaced in a watch, and couldn’t help overhearing a snippet of conversation between a sales clerk who was obviously from England, and a married couple. The married woman was saying, “Yes we spend two or three weeks in England every year.”

“You like it then?”

“Yes, we stay in London, but take driving trips around the country and up into Scotland.”

“You drive there?”


“Oh, my, I would never drive over there. It scares me just to ride in a car when I go back to visit.”


And then there was…no I’m not going there. It would just cement the notion that people who live in Indiana are still bigots, whether subtle or blatant. We get enough of that, rightly or wrongly, already.

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