More memories from Chicago media

One of the cute teams
One of the cute teams

I spent a large part of Saturday at a spelling bee. It takes place after the Scripps-Howard spelling bee to determine who gets sent to…to…well, I’m not sure if they go to a regional or state bee, or if they go directly to Washington, D.C. The spelling bee that I attended is composed of teams of three people of all ages, and it benefits adult literacy programs. I go because a) Cindy volunteers every year, b) I worked a short time for the program in Lafayette, c) because it is fun. I only took a few pictures, mainly of the cute kids. It is difficult to get an angle where all team members are visible; they tend to huddle while they work out the spelling. You can’t see him, but there is a cute little boy standing between the two girls. The cute adult holding the team number is Cindy.


Another activity in Battleground that I haven’t attended in all my time living here is The Indiana Fiddler’s Gathering. It is a three-day festival of music, workshops, square dancing, and more. This year it takes place in late June. They have announced only one act so far, but I’m going to try carve out some time to attend this year.

The festival fits into Chicago media memories because The first time I read anything about the festival, was that Bob Atcher was performing. He had a television program on the Chicago ABC station (WLS) that I watched as a kid. He dressed as a cowboy and sang country western songs. I was cowboy crazy.

I also remember seeing Captain Stubby and The Buccaneers on WLS. When I looked the group up on Wikipedia, I read that Captain Stubby (Tom Fouts), wasn’t the best role model for America’s youth. Still, you can’t believe everything on Wikipedia, so I’ll take it with a grain of salt.

Also connected to Captain Stubby and WLS was Chuck Bill, also known as Charles Homer Bill. Bill had a kid’s television show on Saturday mornings that featured movie serials, like Buster Crabbe’s Flash Gordon movies. I loved them. On Bill’s show there was a moose head with lips that moved. He was named Herman The German Moose. Bill ended each show saying “Ding Hoy, you Little Feather Merchants.” I now know that a feather merchant is a person who avoids responsibility, but as to Ding Hoy..I don’t even know if I’m spelling it correctly.

Well, those are my media memories for today, and maybe for a long while.