Things to do…later

Places to go, things to do
Places to go, things to do

I have lived in Lafayette for almost a quarter century. And yet, there are opportunities for fun that I haven’t yet tapped. Just look at the sign in this picture, and you’ll see three that I haven’t yet visited. Well, this year, when the weather gets better, I plan on seeing all three. Maybe I can talk Cindy into going with me; but if not, I’ll do it by myself.

All of these places are just a few miles from here. I first heard about Wolf Park in a text section of an issue of ElfQuest comics when I still lived in Auburn and still collected comic books. Wolves are an integral part of the comic’s story line, and Wolf Park became a place visited (I think) by the comic’s creator Wendy Pini and her spouse Richard. At least if was mentioned prominently in an editorial. I suppose I could search for that specific comic to find out, but evidently I haven’t cataloged that series yet. That’s another activity I need to get back to and finish. If you are interested in the comics, they are all available for viewing and reading in electronic form at the ElfQuest website.

If you want to know more about Wolf Park, check out

Prophetstown State Park has been open for a few years, but again, I haven’t been there yet. The price of admission gets you into both the park and Historical Prophetstown, which is called a “sustainable horse-powered farming an education center.” I know a few people who have been there, and they say it is a great place to take young children. I think that geezers like me might find it fun as well.

My next post will also have a tie in to Battleground, as well as revisit another recent post. That’s my teaser.

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