The snow is melting

The snow is melting

It was another beautiful sunny day yesterday, and much of the snow melted. Today may see most of it gone since the temperature is going up even more, and it has been raining. The sun is behind an overcast, but I can live with that. Next week? Perhaps more bitter cold temperatures and the return of the snow.


I grew up about an hour’s drive from Chicago. A lot of the television I watched and radio I listened to while growing up was broadcast from Chicago. I hope you can bear with me while I walk down a personal memory lane.

If you are not from the Chicago area, and are not of a certain age, you probably have never heard of Lar “America First” Daly. A few days ago I was watching a DVD of old Jack Paar shows and he mentioned Lar Daly and the way he campaigned for President of the U.S. wearing an Uncle Sam suit in 1960. Daly also had run for the Illinois State Senate, Governor of Illinois, and mayor of Chicago (on both the Republican and Democrat primary ballots), along with many other offices in Illinois. I don’t believe he ever won a race.

One of his campaign promises while running for Governor was to paint the Governor’s mansion red, white, and blue. He also promised to pay for the painting himself, rather than use taxpayer money. I guess when you’re Governor you can do anything you want to a state-owned property.


Yesterday I was composing an email that I never sent. In it I wanted to use the exclamation “Wowie Kazowie!” I don’t know why that popped into my mind. I started to think about and where I had first heard it. I seemed to recall Larry Lujack, Super Jock, using it on the radio. So, I Googled it to see if I was right. Well, my search kept pointing me to Bozo The Clown. Maybe, but I don’t think I watched Bozo more than a half a dozen times in my life. So I then Googled Larry Lujack and found that he had died in December 2013. That saddened me because he was my favorite Top 40 disk jockey.

One of the comic radio serials that he broadcast, if memory serves me correctly was The Tooth Fairy which was a creation of Dick Orkin. Orkin had also created Chickenman. I thought that Chickenman was superior…or at least funnier.

Chickenman was broadcast all over the country and on the Armed Forces Radio. We used to listen to it in Staff Message Control, the office I was assigned to in Heidelberg. When it came on the Sargent Major in our office would go slightly crazier. He detested the show, but left it on because everyone else loved it, including the Lieutenant in charge of our staff group. It was great. I need to Google Dick Orkin to see if he is still alive.