My relationship with writing – Part 2

No melting yet
No melting yet

The temperature hasn’t gone up enough to melt any snow. The sunshine, however, warmed rooftops and pavement enough that some melting occurred there. In our yard, though, there has been no shrinkage in the snow pack.

And now on to Part 2:


Previously: Letter writing

Computers came into my life, first as a work tool, and then as a household device. At first I was wary of using a computer, the product seemed too impersonal, but after awhile I embraced the technology. I realized that I was able to covey meaning through a cathode ray tube as well as I was on paper…plus I didn’t have to buy any more whiteout (look it up if you must). I was able to start producing documents, mainly for work, that were much easier to read than trying to make out what I was saying with my atrocious handwriting or typo filled typed work. I have never been a good typist, so let’s have a shout out to the destructive backspace. As to my handwriting…When I was in elementary school and we were learning cursive writing, I fell on the playground and injured my right arm. I’m right-handed but my arm was in a cast and a sling, so I had to try to write with my left hand. My teacher declared that my writing was more legible using my left hand. Insensitive witch! But I digress…

The bad thing about using the computer at work was the fact that I was mainly turning out bureaucratic documents, spreadsheets, and the like. I even spent a couple of stints in our agency’s state administrative off ice in the Policy & Planning section, so they must have liked the mumbo-jumbo I was asked to produce. I found it nigh on to impossible to write anything that was pleasurable to read. Talk about soul killers!

Slowly, people I knew were getting e-mail, and I was once again able to send personal messages to them, and they would respond. At first they sent long messages, probably because it was a new, exciting thing to do, but eventually the shininess wore off of their new toy, and the responses became shorter or non-existent. Once again I was left alone in the wasteland.

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