Another photo from the summer of 1983
Another photo from the summer of 1983

This is another picture that I took in the summer of 1983; and again I don’t remember where I was when I took it. It doesn’t look as if they were having a drought wherever it was.


My first post on Classical Gasbag was on January 30, 2012. If you look at the blog as if it were a human baby, I guess you could say that today it is entering its terrible twos. How auspicious is that? In honor of this anniversary I’ve decided to change the look of the site. I started making small changes to the format of the posts a couple of weeks ago, but I’m not sure the changes are big enough to matter. I could be wrong; people may think I’m just being more self-indulgent than normal. But I think blogging is just an out front form of self-indulgence. And I revel in it!

My first concept for the new banner graphic was going to include covers from old paperbacks, clips from comic strips and comic book covers, and CD and DVD covers. Then I started thinking that most, if not all, of those images were copyrighted, so I switched to photos that I have taken over the years. Some of these pictures were taken specifically for Classical Gasbag, so they seemed appropriate. Now that I look at the new banner, I’m not happy with it. I’ll be experimenting with something newer in the next few weeks, but only after I’ve finished working on a project for a friend.

Next, I wondered if within the body of the post I could use a scanned image instead of a photograph. I could convince myself that as long as I called it a picture, it would meet my goal of having an image a day. I also convinced my self that if I scanned the cover of a CD or such, I could call it advertising for the item and that would mollify the owner of the original image. I think that will work.

Since I brought up the topic of the actual post, let me state that I want to do more posts that are centered around music. That was n idea I originally had for the blog, but I seemed to move away to other things. In fact, the idea of building posts around music grew out of an idea I had for writing a novel in which each chapter would grow out of a song, and reflect in some way the topic of the musical piece. But I’m not that good of a writer, so I’ll settle for vignettes that may or may not be fictional. I don’t know if I’ll label them as such or not.

Let me know what you think. Anything from likes or dislikes, the way thing look now, even new directions you may want to see. I’ll consider anything, but remember, it is all about me.

2 thoughts on “Changes

    1. Thanks, Bob, but I think “hilarious” is over the top. I would be happy with “mildly humorous.” With that I wouldn’t feel like I had to strain my brain trying to be hilarious. I have to look out for myself.

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