The Start of a Journey

So it begins
So it begins

I haven’t worked on a jigsaw puzzle in at least a decade, but now we have a table large enough on which we can spread out the pieces. I was against Cindy getting this table at first, especially when I realized I had to maneuver it down the steps into the basement. I wasn’t all that surprised when I got it lodged in the stairwell and had to take down the hand rail in order to get it around the final corner. I don’t believe Cindy was too pleased when I left it lodged in the stairwell for a couple of days before I finished the moving project. I work at my own pace. The same is true when it comes to puzzles. Depending on how engrossed I become, this puzzle could take me anywhere from a few days to a week or more. We’ll see.


I was searching for my discharge papers from the army a few days ago, I needed it to get a special deal on a new checking account that I was opening. When it wasn’t in the place where I keep important documents, I started going through file folders in the desk. I am not the most organized person you are likely to meet. Cindy considers it a triumph if I put a scrap of paper in a file folder (though she would rather see it destroyed). My filing system is not the best. I have a few catch-all folders with titles like,  Stuff, Stuff to SortMiscellaneous, and Take Care of Later. It works for me, though I only go through those folders once every year or two.

I was going through a fat folder titled Norm’s Stuff where I found a copy of my DD-214. I also found a document that I had written when Trina was still in high school. It was a short biography.

Backstory: Trina had a friend in school, Nicki, who was in the child welfare system. Trina asked, nay begged, us to take Nicki in as a foster child. After a lot of discussion, and meeting with Nicki’s CASA, Cindy and I decided that we would do it. We were accepted into the program, but we had to take classes in foster parenting and write a short autobiography. That is the document that I found.

I read through the autobiography yesterday, for the first time since I wrote it. There was a format provided for the autobiography, and I followed it. If I had to write it again today, the document would be different.

You may remember that a few days ago I mentioned lies in my post. While there are no lies for which I feel remorse in the autobiography, there are things, that upon reflection, I would not state in quite the same way. Here I am making a distinction between major lies, and what many people would refer to as “little white lies;” or “fibs;” or as I prefer, the more positive “shading the truth.”

I’ll delve into those areas in my next post.