IU Christmas Loot 2013

IU Christmas loot 2013
IU Christmas loot 2013

I related in Post “Day 329” that I received a lot of IU related gifts for Christmas last year. In a post a day or two ┬álater I added a picture of the items I received. I receive that type of gift every year. Here is a picture of what I received this year.

You will note that there is a new, plusher, IU throw this year. How I will ever fold it up and get it back into the bag for storage is a mystery to me.

There are two IU T-shirts this year. The one on the upper left is a black T-shirt with the IU logo. I love the simplicity, and the color. It matches an IU baseball cap I was given a couple of years ago. On the upper right is a less simplistic design, red with Indiana University in black lettering and white borders, as well as pictures of Spider-Man, The Hulk, and Wolverine. The shirt design captures two of my passions, IU and comic books. The shirts flank an IU gnome. He is a cute little feller.

Below the shirts, from left to right, you will see first a pad printed in red and white with the IU logo, upon which you make a to-do list. On top of the pad is an IU pen that has a message window that changes messages each time you click the pen. To the right of the pen are two new IU Christmas Tree ornaments. I may soon have enough ornaments to set up an IU only tree, though before I do that I should search for an IU cheerleader tree-topper. On the far right is an IU key finder key chain. The directions say to put your key on the chain, and if you can’t find your keys you clap loudly and it will hear an official’s whistle and “Great Recovery!” leading you to the keys. Hmmm.

Finally, on the bottom are two magnets with IU logos. Cindy said I could put them on my car, but I’m afraid that if I do that, the car won’t be safe in any local parking lots. The magnets may go on the refrigerator.

Well, that’s the 2013 edition of the IU loot I received for Christmas. I must have been a good boy.