What a morning

Colorado 3
Colorado 3

Here is third picture, and the last for a while, from a trip to Colorado. This had to be the second or third time I had  visited Hoosier Pass. My fancy is always caught thinking about the name of the pass. Being from Indiana, I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for this area of Colorado. Becoming an IU grad has just added to that feeling.


I’ve been struggling to keep our checking account in balance this week, and it has been quite a chore. After wrestling with numbers again this morning and feeling kind of down, I decided to watch a movie. Unfortunately I chose An Innocent Man with Tom Selleck. If you have never watched this movie, please do so only if you are in a good mood. I won’t tell you everything, but the first part of the film deals with an innocent man being framed and convicted for a crime, being sent to prison, and becoming overwhelmed with his surroundings. Smiles don’t come easily.

I had to turn the movie off, so I turned on the computer and started converting my vinyl LP of Best Of Cream to MP3s, because, you know, Born Under A Bad Sign is such an uplifting ditty. It sets your foot to tapping.

And now, as I set here at the keyboard, a bird just thumped off one of the room’s windows. I guess I’m not the only one having a bad morning.


I know I’ve done this before, but since it gave me pleasure in the past, I’m doing it again today. I’m going to share the ad copy for a couple of movie DVDs that are advertised in a catalog I received a few days ago. I don’t know how anybody could turn these movies down.

First there is the movie where “A TWA stewardess marries a stunt pilot, but when she catches him with another woman she leaves him. Realizing what he’s done and that she is running away on a doomed train route, he uses his trick flying skills to save her from certain death.”

Then there is this movie where “After landing himself in the middle of a love triangle with his wife and a pretty colleague, a Montreal doctor is forced to perform a risky brain surgery on a South American president whose life is also in danger of assassination.”

I may check to see if our library has these movies.

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