Another great looking house
Another great looking house

This town and the surrounding area are full of beautiful old houses. Between the houses and the barns I could fill a book with photos.


I haven’t posted anything in a while. My mind has been on other things. Mainly I’ve been thinking about a local political jerk (boy, that narrows it down), and my thought shouldn’t be seen in a blog that is supposed to be family friendly. Perhaps someday I’ll find the proper words, or at least the proper state of mind.

Instead let me expand to national politicians; the term “jerk” still applies to all and sundry. What did the shut down of most of the government achieve? Inconvenience to many citizens and outright hurt to some (I’m thinking of the WIC program). It did allow the politicians to spout off for the cameras, so they didn’t feel any pain. It allowed most of the political pundits to focus on the wrong thing; i.e. the political ramifications rather than the human ramifications.

I have probably mentioned in the past that I believe Gerrymandering is a great political evil in this country. It allows a 90% reelection percentage for Congressional House incumbents. As Charlie Cool stated, it allows the people in Congress to pick their voters, not the voters picking their representatives. That’s true of both Democrats and Republicans. I haven’t thought this through completely, but I believe it has also made the primary elections more important than the general elections.

I haven’t heard any pundit state that proposition explicitly (I must admit that I don’t watch the Fox network for fear of dying either from laughing too hard or from an apoplectic fit) but they all seem to imply it. I can’t believe that all of the founding fathers had that outcome in mind. Of course, I could be wrong…it is politics.

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