Strange Days


Admit it, blank and white photos of abandoned buildings are spookier than color shots. It is just a fact.


I was listening to The Doors earlier, and realized that when Strange Days started playing it was fitting my mood, if not my life. I need The Doors to help bring me back to Rock, because they were one of the bands that seemed, to me, to move away from Pop to real Rock. I’m not saying that they didn’t have Pop hooks in their lyrics, because they did, but their instrumental play moved away from the standard stuff we were hearing, and carried the lyrics with the instruments. I’m not sure I can explain it any better than that.

Getting back to Strange Days, I told you about the finches disappearing from our back yard; here’s something else. Cindy and I procrastinated on putting the cover on the pool this year. Mainly it was because I forgot to buy a new cover; the old one was shredded by spring and I had put it in the recycling. So I got around to buying a new cover. Then we put off putting the new cover on, and then I had to dip leaves out of the pool before pouring in chlorine and covering the pool. I went out Saturday morning to dip leaves one last time. As I was dipping I realized that one net full of leaves actually held more than just leaves. Their was a dead squirrel in the net as well. Over the years I’ve occasionally found a dead bird, but this was the first squirrel in the eleven years we’ve lived here.

I didn’t do a post-mortem on the squirrel, but I have a theory on what happened. I think, if I’m right, that I’ll only share my findings with a select few. There is no need to rile up the masses. I’ll just say that my theory fits in to the whole Halloween season.

And speaking of Halloween, I am ready to pronounce that the season is upon us. It wasn’t upon us when merchants started selling paraphernalia during the Labor day weekend or earlier. And they have been selling Christmas decorations almost as long. Disgusting.

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