Fickle Finches

Barn southwest of Lafayette
Barn southwest of Lafayette

I took this picture about a week ago. It was a beautiful day for driving, so I took advantage of the day and went into the countryside. I hope there are more days like it, because the leaves are starting to change, and I want to get some good shots of the trees.


There have been no finches in our backyard for at least a week. I let the feeder go empty for about thirty-six hours, then refilled it, but they haven’t been back. The feeder is as full now as it was when I refilled it. That’s why I’m calling this post Fickle Finches. Perhaps a cat has taken up residence under our shed, but the finches could fly away before any cat could get to them…unless the cat leapt from the roof of the house. I have never seen the finches on the ground, just on the feeder or the iron hanger that the feeder is on. No, I’m pretty sure that the finches are just avoiding our backyard for the time being.


I have been receiving a greater number of catalogs for DVDs recently. While seldom purchase DVDs from catalogs I do enjoy thumbing through them and reading the descriptions. Movie characters seem to lead exciting lives. Here are the descriptions of three movie DVDs that I read the other night. I haven’t included the title of the three movies.

“A plane carrying a big game hunter, a mining engineer, a beautiful divorcee and more encounters a swarm of locusts and crashes in a remote area of South Africa.”

Aren’t all movie divorcees beautiful?

“A Viking Chief takes a beautiful Tartar maid captive after he kills a powerful Russian Tartar. But a Tartar overlord retaliates by kidnapping the Chief’s wife and holding her hostage.”

I had to read about the Vikings and Tartars three times before I understood what it was saying.

“After loyalists attack a train taking Sharif, an Arab nationalist leader, to prison, he is able to escape. He then leads himself and other escapees, including an American embezzler and a sadistic maniac, across the desert. A young student assists him in his rebel cause.”

I am glad that Sharif was able to lead himself.

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