Some of this, some of that


I don’t know how it happened, but there was no picture in my most recent previous post. I had this picture picked out (I realized the pun after I keyboarded it), but failed to use it. I guess it is better late than never,


Yesterday I received an email inviting to participate in a spontaneous demonstration in front of our Congressman’s office. I thought it was a good idea, a flash mob, type of demonstration, but then I read that it wasn’t taking place until this afternoon. What part of spontaneous are they missing? It saddens me to report that I agree with the “why” of the demonstration, but this degree of planning limits the spontaneity of the event. The email did say we should make our own signs, so I guess that is where we are allowed to be spontaneous. Perhaps I should prepare a sign that says “No funding for those who misuse the English language.” But then I would need someone to follow me bearing a sign that reads “Not to imply that English should be our national language.” I don’t know whether to blame the politically motivated or the schools.


I was browsing through a catalog that came in the mail the other day. It was a catalog featuring music CDs. I have been pleased to note that for the past year or two they have also been selling re-pressed vinyl LPs for the connoisseurs. I was amazed, however to see that in this catalog they were selling special edition Mono LPs. I am pretty sure that my grandchildren, and probably my step-children wouldn’t understand the concept of a Mono LP.

I started reading Janis Ian’s autobiography, Society’s Child yesterday and found out that I wasn’t the only kid buying Mono LPs because they were usually a dollar cheaper than Stereo LPs. I think that puts me in good company. I won’t give you a book report, but I find the book interesting, though I can’t declare the prose as riveting. I’m only starting Chapter 3, so it may get better.


A couple of weeks ago, when I was watching CBS Sunday Morning they were interviewing the actor Tim Robbins. I’ve enjoyed some of his movies, Bull Durham springs to mind. I was surprised to learn that his father was Gil Robbins, a member of The Highwaymen (the folk group, not the Cash, Kristofferson, Nelson, Jennings name stealers). I believe I like Tim Robbins even more now that I know he has good roots.

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