I took this picture a few days ago. By now, some of the crop may be harvested. In other areas of the county I’ve seen corn that still has green stalks, and then, just down the road, there are fields where the corn pickers have already been.


Well, it has been a week since I was last on Facebook, and I must say that there have been no withdrawal pains. In fact, I find that I am spending more time doing productive things, such as reading books. I didn’t realize what a huge time waster Facebook was. I will admit that it helped me when I took the icon off of my smart phone. It had become a habit to check Facebook every time after I read incoming emails. Break the habit/break the addiction. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


I was watching Morning Joe this morning, and one of the pundits was saying, “That’s the recipe…” and I stopped listening at that point because when I heard that phrase I flashed on The Waltons and the Baldwin sisters cooking up batches of their father’s recipe. I have no idea why I thought of that this morning, but It gave me a nice break from all of the political blather.

Oh, and am I the only person who likes Morning Joe better when both Joe and Mika are absent from the program? People are allowed to finish sentences and thoughts without Joe jumping in a yelling the same thing he had been yelling, ad nauseam, all week. Mika isn’t mugging for the camera and declaiming how much better things would be if women ran everything, or complaining about male facial hair. It just gets old.


Since I brought up the subject of television, let me ask the rhetorical question, “Are the questions on Jeopardy, especially he Final Jeopardy question, getting easier? While I would like to believe that I’m getting smarter, reason would indicate that the show continues to dumb-down; and that is sad.

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