Farewell to Facebook

Not really the photo I wanted
Not really the photo I wanted

I took this picture in the 1970’s, but it looked better then. My print has faded into shades of brown, so after scanning it, I’ve played with it with my PaintShop Pro software, but haven’t yet figured out how to get back to the natural greens in the grass and trees. I’ll keep trying.

The picture was taken from a county road in upstate New York one year when I was on vacation. My mom liked it enough to use it in a painting she did for me. I loved the painting, but then she asked for it back to do some touch-up on it. I let her have it, and when it came back, it didn’t look as good, to my mind.


I’ve decided that for my peace of mind I have to stop going on to Facebook. Once again, this past weekend, I found myself commenting on a post that I disagreed with, and then responding to a comment made by another person. We disagreed (what a surprise) and I contemplated blocking further posts from the person who had re-posted the original post that I was commenting on. Why bother? I can better keep my blood pressure under control by just staying off of Facebook.

I thought about remarking on the offending post in this post, but I decided that the post was really beside the point. The point is that I don’t want to be seen as giving in to the general incivility that passes for commentary these days. So I won’t be making references to Ronald Reagan, MSNBC, or people who post comments on Internet newspaper articles. Can you tell that I’ve been feeling cranky?

I’ll miss seeing the photos and videos of the grandkids as they are posted, but Cindy can forward them to me via email or text message. I shall also miss updates with photos from a few friends whom In seldom see. Other than that, most of what I’ll be missing are recipes that I will never try, reviews of TV talent shows that I have no interest in, and…I’m sure there is a third thing, but I can’t remember what it is.

If you reached this post via a link I posted on Facebook, and think I’m being hypocritical, I posted the link through my WordPress blog. I haven’t had to actually view the Facebook site to do so.

I hope this action will help me maintain a better frame of mind. Maybe I’ll live longer this way.