Apple Popcorn & Mom

We're heading for the band stand
We’re heading for the band stand

Today was the annual Apple Popcorn Festival in Brookston, Indiana. Cindy and I have been going for a number of years now. We usually run into a few people we know each year, but this year there was only Cinderella and her husband Glen.

Normally we are there while The Big Swing Band is playing; we know the drummer. But this year it appeared that they were tearing down the band’s equipment when we got to the stage. That’s a shame, because they are really good, especially if you l like big band music. Well, maybe next year.


My mom called me on Thursday and asked if we had plans for this weekend. I told her that we were going to the Apple Popcorn Festival on Saturday, and planned to close our swimming pool on Sunday. She asked if Cindy and I were both going to play pool. I told her again, in a louder voice, that we were going to close the pool because the weather was getting cooler. She said, “I see.” which is what she says when she can’t hear you clearly but thinks she can figure out what you have said.

She called today while we were coming home from Brookston. Rather than have to shout into the phone while in the car, I decided to ignore the ring and to call her back when we got home. So we got home, and I called her.

She asked if she had interrupted our pool party. It took me a moment, but then I remembered our previous conversation. And told her that we weren’t having a party, but we planned to close the pool tomorrow.

“I see,” she said. “Is Cindy playing cards tonight?”

I told her that Cindy was indeed playing cards later, but that she was taking a nap right then.

“I see,” she said.

Then she said, “I’ll get off the phone now so you can get back to your company.”

I guess we’re having the pool party after all.