Another strange dream

Don't you love barns?
Don’t you love barns?

You can never have too many pictures of barns. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


As I’ve mentioned before, I seldom remember my dreams. Today is one of the exceptions. Let me relate my dream from last night.

In my dream I was a pickup player in a band that was playing at an outdoor folk music festival, evidently in a wooded area that we had to drive into on dirt roads. I had never played with this band before. In reality, I have never played in a band. Cindy drove us to the festival and stayed to enjoy the music. The festival was a weekend event, and we were there for two days. At the end of the festival, when everyone was packing up and leaving, the group leader came around passing out money to the band members. The pay was in brown envelopes. When I opened my envelope I found that money had been deducted from the pay to cover expenses and also royalty fees for the songs that we had performed. This surprised me, especially when I found that I had broken even and received no pay. As I looked at the bill of particulars I realized that I was being charged royalty fees for songs we had not played, such as If Ever I Would Leave You. I decided that I needed to talk to the band leader; but when I went to talk to him I was told that he had already left. Well, there was nothing I could do at the festival site, so I went to find Cindy so we could go home. I couldn’t find Cindy. Cars were streaming away from the venue and I was left standing alone in the car park. Where was Cindy?

That’s when I woke up to pee. I told Cindy about my dream. Her first question was, “What did you play, a guitar?” The question didn’t seem relevant to me, but I told her yes, gathered a cup of coffee and went to watch Morning Joe.

While sipping my coffee I thought about the dream, looking for hidden meetings. I realized that the meaning wasn’t deeply hidden. It seems to me that the meaning is that if I stop bringing money in, Cindy will abandon me. I told her that and she laughed. Was it a nervous laugh? She told me I needed to tell our friend Mary the dream and my deduction.

I told Mary the dream, and before I could tell her my deduction she asked me, “What did you play?” Am I missing something important? What does the instrument have to do with the dream? For that matter, why do they suppose I played an instrument? Couldn’t I have been the lead singer? So much for dream interpretation.