Flowers by the roadside
Flowers by the roadside

I took this picture on a gravel road when driving home from Rockville. The flowers helped brighten my disposition.


One of my birthday gifts was a gift card for Barnes & Noble, my favorite store in Lafayette. I went in Sunday to see what I could find. Well, there was a lot, but I limited myself to 3 CDs (all on sale for $5 apiece) and a book that was also on sale. Gift cards stretch out a lot when you buy things that are on sale.

While I was in the CD/DVD section of the store, there was a telephone call transferred to the guy who was working in there. Despite my best efforts, I overheard his end of the conversation. It went thusly:

Clerk: This is ___________ can I help you?……Yes, you can return a DVD and replace it with another, just bring it in and the person working here will help you……..I don’t know if we have the DVD you’re looking for. What is the title?……..I see, you don’t know the title. Is it fiction or non-fiction?……………Non-fiction. So it’s like a documentary?……..What is it about?………………………..Teenaged boys go into space to rescue astronauts who are trapped there? I see. Well let me see if I can do a search on the computer to find it. Hmmm. Documentary, space, astronauts, rescue. No I don’t see anything……….Well, just come in tomorrow and whoever is working here will help you……That’s quite alright. Have a good day.

As I was checking out I mentioned to the clerk that the DVD the person was looking for was obviously not a documentary. The clerk looked puzzled. I said, “Teenaged boys going into space to rescue astronauts?”

He said, “Well the person working here tomorrow will help him find it.”

I used to think that B&N had high standards when hiring people.


There are words that I would like to use in a blog post; but I haven’t found a good reason to insert them. Here are two:

1) inchoate. I suppose I could use it when describing a draft of a post. But if I post it, it is no longer inchoate. What a dilemma.

2) Strumpet. It’s obvious that if I use this word I could be opening myself up to libel charges. I don’t want that.

Of course, I’ve now used both of these words, so I can mark them off of my list. Problem solved.

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