Agricultural phallic symbol
Agricultural phallic symbol

When I was a teenager, farms and outbuildings used to bore me. Now I love taking pictures of structures that aren’t totally made of metal and painted blue. It’s another sign of my age.


Diana commented on my post yesterday, and I responded to part of her comment. She mentioned a couple of things that I had been thinking about for a while now, so I decided to spend most of this post touching on those subjects. I hope you don’t find this too self-indulgent.

Diana talked a bit about our first year of working together, before we moved into a recruitment and screening center for SIA. We can look back with fondness, now, at those days. They were better days than some in the years that followed; at least for me. But I also know that there were headaches for us during that time. Maybe I was successful in shielding Diana and the other staff from some of the crap that came down from on high. For most of the time, while on that project, I was willing (or maybe it was just stupidity) to argue with people in Indianapolis and locally to put across our ideas and point of view on how things should be run. A lot of that was out of our hands, but we did prevail occasionally. At some point, however, I decided it was easier to go along, than to butt heads all of the time. I learned which fights were worth having. So, in that case, it was a learning experience.

My final words on my career with the state are only that the longer I stayed, the more political things became, and the more incompetent people became at the top of the organization. At least that’s the way I remember it.

The other thing Diana said that struck a chord with me is that I should have written books. I would have loved to do that. I still would. But I know my limitations. I’ve mentioned in past posts that I don’t think big thoughts. I can be a detail guy, but broad sweeping ideas are not my forte.

While I might be able to write non-fiction, I don’t want to. I enjoy reading history, biographies, and dumbed-down science, but I don’t want to write it. I prefer fiction, but there are two reasons I would fail at it. 1) I don’t have a good enough imagination, and 2) I’m not good at describing emotions. I can use an adjective or noun to tell a character’s emotion, but I think you should be able to evoke the emotion, not simply state it. That’s why I don’t write.